Need Call log for home phone NOT FIOS.

I have landline home measured service. My charges increased alot and I just want to confirm the call log to make sure the bill is OK.

I called support and they denied me the info ??

These are my calls from my phone.

They said I needed a court order to get that info.???

People who have FIOS can get their logs, Why cant I get mine.

I just want to check my charges.

Thanks, scrick

Re: Need Call log for home phone NOT FIOS.
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Community Leader

@scrick wrote:

People who have FIOS can get their logs, Why cant I get mine.

Welcome to the forums.  This is a place where customers help other customers.  If you want answers from Verizon, you'll need to contact them directly.

As to  you question, the answer is simple.  POTS(*) has been around for decades.  Between regulations and technology, it simply doesn't have the features available to FiOS Digital Voice subscribers.

Here's an analogy: You have a well maintained 1964 VW Beetle.  It's a nice car that can get you from point A to point B.  It doesn't have a mileage computer, or for that mater, even a reliable fuel gage.  You have to keep track of mileage and fuel usage by monitoring the odometer yourself.  Yes, modern cars do all of this for you, but to get these features in your old car you'd need to spend lots of money building a custom solution.

POTS is the 1964 VW Beetle of telephony.  It's gotten a few new paint jobs over the years, but under the hood it's still got an underpowered air-cooled engine and simple electronics.  Nobody (Verizon included) is spending any money upgrading the engine.  If you want the new features, you need to get a new car (i.e. FiOS Digital Voice).

(*) POTS means "Plain Old Telephone Service."

Good Luck.