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I wanted to see if someone can help me out before a verizon tech has to come out. I began as a new customer a little more than a month or so ago. I selected the self install package for TV, Internet, and Phone. I plugged my landline into the phone jack in our apartment and have no dial tone. After running the "troubleshooting" agent it was determined that I needed to call verizon to have a tech come out so I called my landlord who informed me, after a long wait (weeks) that I needed to contact verizon because they don't handle that but I was required to go through my landlord first and wait for a response, hence why I didn't call Verizon the first day I began service to report the problem. However, in speaking with the scheduling agent, found that it may cost me $91 a half hour and $45 per additional half hour to have the tech come out. Frankly, I cannot afford that price. The agent did say that it appears that no one in my current apartment has ever had a landline and therefore they may be able to class it as a new installation and it becomes free at that point. But the agent didn't know if that would be the case and just said that I'll have to wait for the tech to come out and questioned why I didn't call verizon sooner (I had to go through my landlord first). So I have a minimum of a $91 gamble to fix my service.

I attempted to plug my phone into the "test jacks" pictured below and my phone had a dial tone. However there is no dial tone when I plug it into the jack inside my apartment. Can someone tell me if there is a phone line potentially ran into my apartment so I don't need to take a gamble at having a tech come out.

HELP ASAP, please!




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Seems like there may be some connection problem from the box to your apt. See this link