Need copper drop line installed at a new home I bought.

I bought a new house a little while back and inquired in email if my DSL would work through FIOS. I was informed it wouldn't but to call their service center and I would most likely be offered a deal, etc. I call and get an unfriendly\unhelpful rep. The price she offers me is still more than double of what I currently pay.  I send the below email:



 Let me start by saying that I have been a Verizon customer with the same phone number since I was about 18 years old....I am now 44. I've only had to call Verizon a couple of times during that time frame and when I did, found them to be friendly and helpful.
  Recently however I bought a new house and wanted my DSL transferred over to my new property. I'm being told that I cannot do this as the previous owners had FIOS installed there. It seems while checking into things online that the copper drop wire can indeed be replaced back if you want to go back and forth arguing with Verizon for three months or more. I even saw an article online from a Verizon rep stating that he doesn't see why someone would want to go back to copper but if someone bought a new home and wanted the copper line put back in, that they would do so at no charge. So I am not sure why I was told this cannot be done previously.
 Anyhow, I called a Verizon rep last Wednesday morning around 10:30am. I wish I would have written her name down and I could be mistaken but I think she might have said her name was Samantha? Either way, I thought she would be more than willing to work with me but I did not find her very friendly or helpful at all.  Verizon is asking me to get FIOS....which I DO NOT want. If you are going to refuse to re-run the copper line at my new property then I ask that you at least grant me FIOS service for the contract I have for my DSL. The women I spoke with said the bottom of the rung FIOS speed would cost me (edited)! That's outrageous! That's more than double of what I am paying now for something that I don't even want. I am a single man and am the only one using my internet connection. I just basically check email, Facebook, pay some bills online and watch a few YouTube videos. That's all. I find the speed of my DSL to be perfectly acceptable. I see no reason why Version cannot give me their slowest speed FIOS for the price of what I currently pay. I've been a dedicated customer for over 25 years and have been happy with my service until now. I feel like my business throughout the years has been unappreciated and for the person on the phone I spoke with, they didn't seem to care at all.
 So in closing....I'm willing to forgo arguing about have the copper drop wire put in if Verizon would be kind enough to honor my current DSL contract with them and put me on their slowest FIOS speed for the same price. It seems fair to me and like a good compromise to keep a long term customer happy. Thank you for your time and concern in this matter. 


I get a relpy back from a woman called Michelle. She tells me she spoke to her supervisor and gives me some price plans. The amount deal she gives me is more than what I was told previously and is more than an actual mailing (which I still have) that included both phone with internet! I'm then told I should call a service number and ask to speak to a supervisor. I tell her that I already called this number and got no where. She then says she will have a supervisor call me. I inform her that I work third shift, keep an odd sleep pattern which often means sleeping during the day and that I would prefer to handle this through email as it all seems simple enough to me. She tells me that she forwarded my email to a supervisor and they will contact me through email soon. I patiently wait two or three days and no reply. I email again and Michelle responds back with the standard textbook replies and tells me a supervisor will call me in 24-48 hours. I have to go through the whole process again on how I prefer to handle this in email this way we can both get back to one another at both our convience. For me personally, I don't have 24-48 hours waiting for someone to call me, nor do I want to be on the hold for a half hour and then arguing for another half hour or more.  So here I am, for the second time....days after I was told that a supervisor would email me in regards to my problem but yet I have still heard nothing.
  It's not like I chose FIOS myself and now want to go back or anything. I merely bought a new house in which the previous owners wanted FIOS there....not ME. I see no reason why they cannot install the copper drop wire back or at the very least....give me FIOS for the price of my current DSL plan or at least something VERY comparible. I am totally put off that they would treat such a long, good standing customer so non-chalantly. While I would rather stay with Verizon, there are other options out there and I will pursue them if they continue to turn a blind eye to my problem.  You would think that they would want to keep me as a voice\DSL customer (even if it is for a lower contract price) rather then lose me as a customer all together. Should I decide to cancel my Verizon I most certainly will file complaints through the appropriate channels, contact my local TV "On Your Side"  team and possibly go as far as to consider small claims court for not honoring my current contract at my new residence\refusing to install the copper drop wire back. If Verizon truly does care about it's customers then I would love nothing more then to find someone willing to promptly help me in my situation. Thank you.

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