Need help and advice re Verizon service
We've had Verizon home phone service (traditional copper) and have had a problem with a constant buzzing on the line. We determined that the problem was outside the house and made a service appointment with VZ. We were told to be home today between three and seven pm. The technician texted us a bit after 6:30 that he was enroute. He never entered our home and allegedly fixed the problem remotely (why did we have to be home then other than to leave work early?). Unfortunately, he didn't fix the problem and when we called customer service the technician claimed to have fixed our problem. Now we have been told that we have to call tomorrow to make a new appointment with the "elite" team and we are being pushed to switch to FIOS service. We asked pro speak to a supervisor however it appear s that no supervisors are working this evening. Do they really want to retain us as customers ? First, I have to miss work and now I can't competent technical service and I have to call again to make a new appointment as neither the elite team nor supervisors work evening hours. Can anyone offer advice as to how deal with customer service and get this problem remedied or am back to square one praying that I get a competent service technician? Thanks...