New Phone Charge

What is this new $.74 charge Verizon is trying to stick me with beginning in July?  I'm already getting stuck with $9.23 in "Verizon fees" on a $24.99 phone service.  The additional 74 cents will take the charges to $10 which is 40% of my service.  I'm not happy about this increase and unless I can get some answers, I'll be looking for a new provider.  Call it the straw that's breaking the camel's back.

I spoke to an agent tonight concerning this and the first answer was "it's a tax" which I informed her that the paragraph informing me of this increase says it's not a tax.  So the easy answer didn't work.

I'm not happy about this unnegotiated increase in my phone bill, and wonder if anyone else thinks that a $8.88 annual fee increase is just par for the course.

As a Verizon stockholder, I'm glad to see them sticking it to every phone customer, but as a phone customer, I'm unhappy.

T. Christopher