New Verizion Standard: 6 DAY WAIT FOR REPAIR

I'm posting this as a useful service to Verizon customers to know that Verizon's current repair service standard is a 6-day minimum wait for a tech repair service.  My wife called Tuesday night, and was told that Monday night, 7/18 was the earliest a tech could be available!  And that the tech who cut our service was "already scheduled for other calls"!    (Apparently Verizon has only the two technicians, and the other is still busy making those FIOS TV commercials!)  And we have DSL, which is great, except when there isn't any, as for the current  six days.

I'll just note, that here in Pennsylvania, we've had no tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms or other natural disasters that could explain a 6-day wait.  Just Verizon business as usual.

Oh, and by the way, on a separate browser tab, while I've written this, I'm still waiting for the Verizon system to give me details about our 7/18 scheduled service call.

I've had Bell PA, then Bell Atlantic, and then Verizon for the 25 years I've lived in Philadelphia.  But it appears that it's time for a change!

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