New package deal
I called verizon multiple times in search of a new package deal. I had requested for a deal to decrease my bill for I am having a hard time paying the bill I already have. I even asked for a package that eliminated my home phone. I was very unsuccessful in obtaining a new package. The answers I received were either nothing was available or I was already receiving the best deal ever. I asked about a package that consisted of only internet and tv. The answer I received for that was I need to be a new customer in order to receive that package. I stated that I didn't want to do the "jump back and forth deal" between carriers in order to receive a good package and deal. The response I received for that comment was "I have to do what I have to do". Not the answer I was hoping to receive from customer service. All I want is to save money on my bill for I can't afford the one I already have. What do I need to do in order to stay with my current carrier that I like, instead of jumping ship to the competition where I know I will get a respectable money saving package.
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