New to Verizon Digital Voice

So I finally signed on to the FiOS triple bundle which includes Digital Voice. I also have Viatalk as another VOIP service which I have had for many years. The call quality was questionable for the folks on the other end of the line. I could hear people OK, but the other end was too unreliable. I also had problems when I would pick up the phone, it wouldn't connect. So I decided to give Digital Voice a shot. I did not port my number and got a new number. Right away I was bombarded with telemarketing calls. About three a day. Viatalk didn't have one telemarketing call. The call quality is certainly very good with Verizon. I wish the ONT would push out a more powerful ring voltage. I have some old phones that used to ring real loud with Viatalk but now I had to go down to one phone with an active ringer. Of course you want a phone for good call quality which Verizon delivers but I do miss the features of Viatalk!!! They had distinctive ring which was nice. The thing that really bugs me about Verizon is that they let you forward your voicemail files to your email. However, whatever codec/encryption they use can't be opened on an iPad or iPhone!!!! That is a major fail. Anyone know how to get the file to play? It's a .wav so I don't know what the problem is.

Re: New to Verizon Digital Voice
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I have an IPHONE and it plays without a problem.  I just tested it out. 

What happens when you open the .wav file on your iphone or ipad?

On my iphone it appears to open quicktime.