No Caller ID for international calls

Previously I had FIOS Internet only and my teleophones (2 lines) on copper. The caller ID worked fine. Then I wanted to add FIOS TV and Verizon put me on a FIOS TV/Interet/Telephone package, EVerything is fine but  caller ID does not work on my phones.I asked Verizon Supoort and ewas told that with the Digital Voice there is a database of numbers and overseas call will not show up on caller ID.

I was then trasferred to Instaklations and I asked if I could order a new separate cipper line just for my telephone, IN ADDITION to my FIOS TV and Internet, even if had to keep my whole FIOS package,

I was tokd that Verizon does not offer copper line installation so I am completely out of luck. 

I run a bisiness from my home with Interational Clients and previously on copper I could see who is calling, Now all I get are "Out of Area" for all Interational caclls both from Europe and Asia and am unable to call my clients back if I miss the call since I can't see ewho called.

At notime when I ordred the FIOS TV and agreed to the FIOS Psckage was I told that I would lose caller ID capbility with Internatinal calls, Is there no solution tomy proble,??

THank you

Verizon custimer since before Bell Atantic