No Caller ID on some incoming calls
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For the last week or so I have been receiving at least six calls per day that display no information whatsoever on any of my caller ID displays. They don't say "UNAVAILABLE" or "PRIVATE", they are just blank, with no number displayed, either.

I tried calling my landline with my cellphone, and it did display the correct information for that call.

I tried the Caller ID troubleshooter on my set top box, and it sends a fake ID to the set top box, but it doesn't make the phone line ring, so none of the phones display the test ID.

I have recently switched from Verizon Freedom Essentials to Verizon Digital Voice.


Just checked the call log at Verizon's web site, and the two calls that came in today that showed no info on my caller id boxes or phones DID get logged as "UNAVAILABLE" on the "Calls and Messages" page.

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Same issue here.  Before switching to digital voice, all callers names not only showed up but were announced on my phones.  Now,most local calls have no name, but show up as "Out of Area" or "Unavailable".  And Out of Area is many times someone in my local area code across the street from me!  Weird.