No Dial Tone and now it is repeatedly calling 911
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 Ok so I have had several people out to "fix" the issues with my phone but it never stays fixed for long. Now today we have no tone but also had an officer show up at the door because my phone is repeatly dialing 911 for no reason!!!! How can I get this fixed the right way and a way where it will last for good and not just be fixed for a few days. This is getting to the point of needing to look into some other tyoe of home service which is an issue because this is also my net service as well. My net stays up while the phone goes nuts please help I'm over this already and very frustrated.

Re: No Dial Tone and now it is repeatedly calling 911
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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  This is a peer-to-peer customer forum. Sometimes Verizon moderators will escalate issues to Verizon support.

We users can offer you suggestions on how to debug the problem; however it's likely that Verizon's techs would have done all we can suggest and more.

I can make some suggestions, but I'd like to know what kind of service you have.  Specifically, you have FiOS or copper POTS with DSL?

Good Luck.