No Dial Tone, but DSL works fine.

Called Verizon on the 6th to look into the noise on our home land line.  The technician could not finish testing due to the rains from T.S. Lee.  He said his equipment was to wet to continue.

The next day he must have continued the testing, the phone rang to short rings then stopped, Now we have not dial tone.  When calls are made to here you get a busy signal.  Meanwhile our DSL is working fine.  The verizon customer service rep says it's an inside wire problem.  I say not.  I believe the technician short our land lines.  I've checking my inside wire and nothing appears to be disconnected.  I checked the NID and it tests OK.  So where is the problem at?  You can't tell me that it's an inside wire problem if my DSL is working.

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Technically the problem can be inside but not affect DSL, since DSL has been known to work (sometimes) through shorts and also more commonly, broken/disconnected wire in a wire pair. You could run DSL over a single wire, however it's ability to tolerate noise is reduced significantly as a line gets longer or is ran by noisy appliances, and the signal also attenuates faster. The same goes if the fault is on Verizon's end of the network.

If you get a clear dial-tone outside and can make and receive calls from the NID, the problem is somewhere from the NID to your home's wiring. If every jack in your home is absolutely dead, despite DSL working, either one of the wire pairs is disconnected in the NID or there is in fact a short that developed inside the house somewhere.