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We are in the Delmar,NY 12054 area and have been without Verizon landline service for about 15-18 hours. After much searching for on-line help and trying to use an 800 service number( not available  from my calling area!) I finally found the checklist and interconnection test and got nothing. I have made a service appt - two days from now was the best they had to offer. It would be useful to know if this is a widespread problem after Saturday's winds or is it a specific problem to our property? I could not find a live voice to talk to; anybody else in the area having a problem .

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I  called on the 22nd   of feb for a   service  call on my  landline phone in  Long Beach Ca   i  was  secduled  feb   the 25 th between 10 am and 2 pm  I was told i would get   comfirmation before  the service  date     I  Never did   so i called  fri  the 25th and  was  told  they  never  got  the   message  so they  seculded a  appointment for  the same  day   but   before  6 pm....  checked on web  to   comfirm it    it  said  the  issue  i  had  needed    no tech   to visit  and  be  fixed  by 8pm  ?  then  why   a  tech  would  come if  they said  it ? (verizon}    then why i would ge t a  call  from  them sayin  they  was here if i needed a  house if   they  said i didnt .  i just  want a   honest anscer. 

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I sent you a private message.  Please reply when you are able.