No Dial Tone

Woke up with no dial tone.Im blessed and just wont get stressed.

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Community Leader

First, determine if the problem is in your home or Verizon's network.  Get a working wired phone to use as a tester.

If you have fios, find your ONT.  Open the door and plug the phone into the phone jack inside.  If you get dial tone, then you know the problem is in your home.  Note that when you plug a phone directly into the ONT, it disconnects your inside phone wires.

If you don't have fios, locate the "Network Interface Device," which is often a gray box mounted outside your home(1).  Open it up.  If you don't see a test jack, you often need to release a lever that unplugs  your home from the network(2).  Then, a test jack will be revealed.  Plug your phone in and check for dial tone.  Again, if you have dial tone, something in your home is to blame.

If the problem is in your house, first check to ensure no phones are off hook.  If you call Verizon and they send a technician who finds a problem inside your home, you may have to pay a service fee, especially if you don't have a wire maintenance plan.

Good Luck!