No Dial Tone

On 8/7/2014 at approx. 8:00 PM lost dial tone, only static could be heard. Dial tone came back on at approx. 8:40 AM

8/8/2014 and stayed on all day.

On 8/8/2014 at approx. 8:04 PM the dial tone disappeared again and only static can be heard.

I canceled the first trouble ticket but I think I will leave the second one open.

I don't know why it takes until Tuesday 8/12/2014 to send a technician. VERY POOR SERVICE..

Thinking about switching back to cable system for phone service.

This no dial tone problem has happened about 5 times this year..............

Re: No Dial Tone
Contributor - Level 2

call c/s to request forward all incoming calls to your cell phone, until it was fix,   then press *73 to cancelled the forward features in your landline phone,   there is free of charge, so you dont lose the inportant calls,   call c/s right now.