No Landlines Service Since 8/30/2013 @ Pm est. and still no phone line

My landline has not worked since 8/30/2013 at 4 Pm est. and still is not working to this day! I live in Hopewell Va and because my phone line is down I have NO INTERNET and the Verizon Customer Service Is NO HELP, I have been a loyal costumer since 2007 and I can't believe that NO ONE IS AVAILABLE TO FIX MY LINE Until 9/4/2013 totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!!  I called to report the problem and that automated system was not helpfull, it took me 30 minutes to talk to a REAL Person and even they gave me the run around due to the problem no fault of my own it is VERIZON'S Issue and they won't fix it until 6 days from the day I reported the problem, 6 days with no landline phone and NO INTERNET there is some serious issues with this.  Verizon Has Dropped The Ball!!!!!