No caller ID displayed on 2 different phones, 2 different jacks but voicemail is left

Been having problems with landline. Twice the "do not disturb" was switched to "on" but not via my phones & I didn't log into my account online to change the setting either. I also have received two incoming calls (because voicemails were left) but there was no Caller ID displayed on either landline phone showing the incoming call. Incoming calls from both my cell phone & verizon tech support displays the Caller ID. This has been happening for more than a week now. Verizon tech support thinks I must have accidentally set "do not disturb" by pressing the *78 keys on the phone but on the day it was set to "do not disturb" I had placed only one outgoing call & I did not use the phone keypad. I do get out of the voicemail by pressing * numerous times, but I have been doing that for several years without issue. Any thoughts? Both phones are new last year.

I also have people telling me intermittently that they can hear call waiting-like beeps while we are talking but I do not hear these beeps & my hearing is fine. When I actually do have a legitimate call waiting incoming call, I do hear the beeps. Could a short in my inside line cause all of these issues? What about outside? My brother had issues (phone did not work properly) only when it rained (it has been raining this past week) from previous excavation yard work & finally, after several years, Verizon found a short in the line buried in his front yard. The water content in the ground (during rain) shorted the line. I had sewer pipe & water main replaced last year in my front yard where my FIOS line is buried but my TV & Internet are OK.  If something was wrong outside, wouldn't it also affect my TV/Internet?

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