No dial tone for almost 3 weeks now!

Please help! I have no dial tone and have done all the tests and still can't use my phone. The only way I can communicate is via texting or the internet.(I have ZERO mobile phone service as well! Thanks AT&T!)  The TV works. The internet works. I've plugged and unplugged. Turned off and on. Followed lines in and out of the house and dial tone. Calling the Verizon support has not worked well either because they want me to be home when they do their "testing". I'm fairly tech saavy and I've followed the advice and still...nothing. I just want a technician to come to my house and see what the issue is. Every time I go through the website for support and get to the screen where you create a service ticket...I get an error or the screen is all jumbled up. Please help!!!