No internet or phone service for over a month

I will try to write calmly, but I am EXTREMELY angry and frustrated with verizon support.

Our internet and phone service have been down for over a month. We've called over and over, and they've sent technicians. The first two technicians disappeared after fiddling around with our cables. Then someone from Verizon came around and said our cables and setup was fine, but it was something wrong at the Verizon office. They said it would be fixed within 2 days.

Then about a WEEK after that, we got angry and called Verizon support. They sent a technician 2 days later, who fiddled around. He said that it should be working within an hour and that he'd call us to see if it was working. Well 2 hours later, it still wasn't working..but Verizon sent me a call on my cellphone saying that our "problem" was cleared.Well IT WASN'T.

And now it's been about 2 weeks since THEN and we haven't had internet or phone service. We filed another request, but it says in the Status that Verizon does not need to send a technician or something. Well WE DO NOT HAVE PHONE OR INTERNET SERVICE. And they have the NERVE to keep sending us bills.

We are just tired of Verizon. We do not know what to do. Somebody get me a lawyer. Or some verizon support that DOESN'T have an indian accent, and can fix this **bleep** problem.

Thank you.

Re: No internet or phone service for over a month

I can see why you would be angry and frustrated. I got the same Central Office story from the (otherwise very helpful) agent with an Indian name that I online chatted with yesterday, which makes that sound like a generic **bleep** response for something that's wrong with the Fios network. I've only been out for about 34 hours so far (they've said I will have service back by the evening of May 3, meaning only 4 1/2  days without service, lucky me!), but I was dumb enough to get phone, internet and TV all through Fios, so I have none of those. Fortunately I kept a Comcast internet account as backup, which is how I can access this forum.  I do have a cell phone and I can get a few TV channels over the air, but that's not why I'm paying {please keep your posts courteous}$155 a month. And it is simply insulting to call Support and get put on hold for an hour. I'm reminded of the old Lily Tomlin SNL skit where she says something along the lines of "we're the telephone company, we don't have to care". Verizon may no longer be Ma Bell, but that attitude hasn't changed.