No way to get repair #
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Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you solve it?

Some time ago, Verizon switched my "check repair"  site from copper to FIOS. Several phone requests to change it back produced no response. (My first complaint about this was posted 2/19/16)

Now my phone is out AGAIN. I put in a ticket via the internet, but didn't get the repair # unfortunately. Now, when I click on the "check repair status"  link on the email I am directed to the FIOS site, with no way to access my repair ticket.

I am almost ready to switch to TimeWarner!

Any solutions?

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The only way I found to get the repair ticket information is to call them - 800-837-4966. I just find it incredibly poor customer service to force everyone to the FIOS support pages. If you have copper lines, the Verizon website is virtually useless. If they don't want to support copper anymore, then open up your freaking wallet and provide FIOS for everyone. Either that, or sell the landline business to someone who actually cares about their customers. My landline has been unavailable almost every day since April 29th. We have had 3 technicians out during this period, and not one of them can restore our service. And for this level of sevice, we pay these guys over 100K a year. No wonder our bills are so darn high....