NomoRobo Activation Problem
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I am having difficulty in activating NomoRobo with my mother in law's Fios digital landline service. 

Despite acknowledging Nomorobo activation from the MyVerizon phone management portal as instructed, which enables simultaneous ring , the process is failing to populate the simultaneous ring list with the appropriate Nomorobo phone number for Verizon Fios.  

I've been unable to find anyone in Verizon customer support that understands the activation is supposed to add this phone number to the simultaneous ring list, as explained on the MyVerizon phone management portal.  They keep telling me to recreate my phone number entry with Nomorobo, which I've done numerous times.

Can someone who has already activated Nomorobo on a Verizion Fios digital service residential land line,  check to see if a phone number was added to the "Simultaneous Ring List" and if so,  let me know what it is.

If I had the phone number,  I think I would be done. 

Thank you.


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