Number Portability practices of Verizon!

Verizon and its Current Customers,

I was a Verizon customer for years paying $261 a month through auto pay for a bundled TV/Internet/Phone services. On June 5, I decided to switch to another service provider – Cox - and my nightmare began. After I got the service installed by Cox on that same day, I called Verizon on or around 5 pm. Initially, I got a customer representative whose focus was not helping as much as scaring me that if I leave Verizon the sky will fall. Eventually, I asked to talk to his supervisor. She was nice, and she explained that if I disconnect my phone services now I will not be able to port them, and I told her that I know that and I needed to deal with two issues: my June bill and Verizon equipment.  Since this was a bundled service and I am charged for internet and TV no longer used, I need to know about my bill for this month and since I did also cancel the autopay. She told me that I will owe $43.50 for the 5 days I used their internet and TV services, and I will be paying $1 a day for my two digital phones until I disconnect and the maximum is $30.00. Regarding the equipment (router, 3 boxes and remotes) she said I can drop them at the store. In couple of hours, I did exactly that. I dropped the equipment and got a hard copy receipt and an emailed one. I NEVER DID CANCEL MY PHONE SERVICES. Couple of days later, I did the third party verification to port my numbers to Cox, till then my phone messages was available, and the phones are working. Then on Monday June 10, my numbers are disconnected, I called Cox and they told me that the porting failed and I need to contact Verizon to reactivate.

Verizon disconnected my phone services without my authorization and illegally to prevent me from porting my phone numbers that I had for 30 years to another service provider. After many calls and lies by Verizon, and attempts to win me back, I went to Cox sales on 6/12/19 and told them what happened, while in the store on the speaker, I called Verizon talked yet to another supervisor, who promised that the new bundle service signed is canceled and they will contact me within 24 hours. An email was sent also. Nothing happened no calls received on Thursday 6/13.

I called again on Friday 6/14 and on average every call I made to Verizon takes two hours – urging a customer representative to read previous noted, denial or claims that they don’t see an order number or since I am not their customer anymore maybe I need to sign-up again with Verizon, also couple of times they hangup on me. Navigating through their false claims and lies about me disconnecting …. till I finally get a supervisor whose hopefully competent. Disconnecting the service was done by Verizon, without a shred of evidence that I REQUESTED TO DISCONNECT, as a matter of fact I have the chat conversation that I ONLY did discuss with Verizon the billing issues and return of equipment. One representative claimed that I disconnected the service at the store, but that is not true: because when I was on the phone on June 5, 2019, I asked if I can go to your store and deal with an actual human being, and the supervisor told me that they don’t have Verizon Fios store anymore, and it is only Verizon Wireless store and in any case, changes in relation to billing and services need to be called in! I asked when and who initiated the cancellation: THEY NEVER ANSWERED THAT QUESTION. One even claimed that they emailed me regarding that matter, and I canceled the service at the store when I dropped off the equipment, and it says it in the email. NOT TRUE. I have the emailed receipt and it says thank you for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER!

She again, claimed that I was sent another email few minutes later that I canceled. When I asked to forward that email, she didn’t reply, and changed the subject that OH, it was a code sent by the store representative stating that you requested a cancel. NOT TRUE! As a matter of fact, after dropping the equipment, I asked for a receipt confirming that I dropped off the equipment, and they said they emailed it, still I asked for a printed one and they gave me a printout. Nothing about canceled service let a lone disconnected phones. That supervisor I talked to in Friday 6/14/19 - named Donna - promised that she will sort things out but she will need more time, she promised YET AGAIN to call back within 24 hours - TODAY - and will call back and she verified best emails and phones to call. SHE DID NOT CALL or EMAIL!

I have noticed today that they even changed my email on account from to to claim that I did not check my email. Interesting! I will change it back and see what’s next.

To Verizon: you needs to either retrain your workforce, fire incompetent ones, change your predatory business model and supper aggressive sales tactics, or eventually face the legal consequences of your inactions.

To Verizon Current Customers: unfortunately, Verizon services are superior in terms of reliability, but they are horrible at customer service and from talking to friends and coworkers … all agree as a company they are the worst when it comes to customer service.  Eventually, this will do them in.

I don’t know if Verizon will read this, but I need this matter to be resolved, I can deal with poor customer service, but this is criminal deceit that someone needs to be accountable. So, I will be calling VerizonFios and I will see how long this will take to resolve! Nowadays, even third rate countries are much more efficient!


Frustrated Verizon Customer

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Contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via google search, explain nicely what transpired. They regulate verizon so they will be able to assist.

normally when you have a three deal (tv,internet & phone) it is often times taken for granted all services end. This is what could have happened.

you must have an active phone number to be able to port. In certain situations you may not be able to port.

read the following

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Hi Abdi,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.