Number change-unacceptable

I have 3 phone numbers on my FIOS account . I called over a week ago to have one number disconnected and changed to another number. I was told this would take one week. After the week, the number had still not be changed. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with customer "care" trying to solve this problem. I have been placed on hold for hours, hung up on, had to explain the same story over and over and pretty much told I am wrong. I have had to take time off of work, as I cannot call from my cell phone since I am on hold for at least 25-30 minutes per attempt to call. I have been lied to by at least 3 representatives that the problem will be taken care of within an hour. This is ridiculous. I am preparing to cancel all my service and go to another provider. For the amount of money I pay per month, this is totally unacceptable!!

Re: Number change-unacceptable
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about the troubles modifying your service. We would like to help you out. I have sent a private message to get more information from you.