OK to use generator to power new network box?

We have been upgraded to a fiber connection between our house and the street as part of the network upgrade. BUT - the battery backup included in the new network box lasts only 8 hours. Is it OK to run the new network box on our generator? Will this damage our network box? If it does, do we pay the damages??

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Short Answer - YES:  But I don't work for VZ and I don't know what network you are talking about, nor do I know your generator set-up.  I just know that I do it when our power goes out - most of the house then gets shifted to generator - by me - for days at a time.  Same for my neighbor across the street

Now, it appears you are saying that your POTS (copper line) has gone away and has been replaced by FiOS.  DO you have the whole (phone, internet, cable tv) Verizon set up or something less?

Remember that power will also have to go  to anything else on your "network" that requires it - cable boxes, TVs, computers, walk around phones that communicate with base stations, etc. The battery only provides up to 8 hours for the telephone service - the time for the internet or TV signal is measured in minutes.  Lots of folks use APSs to back up their battery.  (I usually turn off the generator at night to avoid annoying the neighbors.  But the APS and the battery have both recharged during the day, ensuring phone service at night)  I keep a couple of straight telephones in the house and they get plugged in to the phone connection as soon as the power goes out.  That way I don't have to power wall warts to power fancy phone setups at night.

Cell phones are also handy - they can be recharged during the day.



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As a short addition, it is better to use inverter generators with electronics. I've used both a regular and an inverter with Verizon equipment with no issues. However the power spikes put off by our regular generator shot right through some fuses and fried the circuit board on a non-Verizon piece of equipment.