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I am presently having two issues and am wondering if the cause of the problems are related.

Issue #1

I presently have Verizon Essentials with Caller ID.  I enabled the caller ID function on for my TV screen.  It indicated that it would take about 24-48 hours to enable.  This was about 2 weeks ago and it is still not showing up on the TV screen when watching TV.  I have a small caller ID box already connected to my phone that does flash the caller ID, so I know the caller ID service works.

Issue #2

I recently enabled the Verizon "Message Center" feature.  According to the Verizon demo, it can document what calls you get in addition to your e-mails.  But the Message Center has no tab for Phone messages, only for my e-mail.

I have yet to set-up my Verizon's Voice Message feature.  I presently rely on an answering machine that I have hooked-up to my phone.  Is not enabling Verizon's Voice Message feature the cause of the 2 issues above?



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First, my compliments to you on documenting your issues so clearly and completely! I wish more users would do that, I think it would help them get answers sooner and probably more accurately.

Issue #1, Caller ID on your TV: from what I have heard It should really not take more than a few hours to start working, certainly not one or two weeks. I have had that service for about a year now, it has worked flawlessly except for a couple of times when my STBs have been reset by Verizon, and when I have gone through the steps below it has started working almost immediately. So here are my questions/suggestions:

a) Have you used the Self Diagnostics function in Customer Support in the Menu on the STB to make sure everything is working? If not do so.

b) Under System information, does the STB have an IP address ( and do you have Guide data available? If not, we need to get that fixed before the Caller ID will work. This can usually be fixed by rebooting the STB and the router. In my experience it seems that both need to be rebooted. And sometimes a couple of reboots of both need to be done for it to work, maybe (probably?) because the sequence is important, and I don't do it in the right sequence. So, reboot the STB (pull the power for 10 seconds or use the reboot function under Customer Support in the Menu), then reboot the router (log into the router and use the reboot function there, or press the reset button will be ok if you have not done any user customization). Then after all come back up, see if you now have an IP address in the STB.

c) Now log into the router and see if the IP address it shows for the specific STB we are working with matches the IP address shown in the System Information. It should, but I suggest you verify that it does.

Now, I think Caller ID should work. But it may take a few minutes or even hours before it does.

Issue #2: Unfortunately I have no experience with that, so hopefully someone else will chime in with some thoughts.

Try what I have suggested above, and then let us know yea or nay, and I guess if nay any other info you can think of that might help diagnose the problem.

Hopte this helps.

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