Onepoint voicemail notifications
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After going round in circles between sales and tech support, I decided to post here to see if anyone could help...

It seems my FIOS triple play didn't include FIOS digital voice. Instead I have 'freedom essentials' including Onepoint voicemail. FIOS digital voice isn't available in my area.

When I signed up, it said voicemail could be accessed by phone or web. Now I have the service, I find that is not true. Or, at least, no one can tell me how to do it. (Tried online account, in home agent, support, ...)

It does support pager notification -- not much use to me in 2015...

Can't even forward calls to my cell on no reply, as my cell is a different area code. The system asks me for a calling card, even though I have unlimited long distance.

Before I go back to Xfinity, anyone got any ideas?


Re: Onepoint voicemail notifications
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Hi jdramm,

Do you have a few minutes to send us a private message with this post and your account information so we can look in to this for you?