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After unsuccessfully attempting to order a Verizon bundle offer that I found online; I was directed to call Verizon to place my order. That is when my day went bad.

I was placed on hold several times (over 1 hour of accumulated hold times), dealt with rude customer service reps, was refused to be transferred to a supervisor, and given a wrong number when I asked for a corporate problem resolution department.

After finally being transferred to a supervisor, he informed me that the internet support dept. would be able to place my order. After being transferred there, the customer service rep stated that I would have to get billing to give me credits to get the offered bundle price as they are experiencing "problems". (When aren't they!)

That rep transferred me yet again. This time I was transferred to the multilingual cs reps.

<insert sarcasm>

I'm sure it was an innocent mistake!

<end sarcasm>

But the joke was on her! That was when my day went great!

The customer service rep didn't transfer me to the English language reps; but, instead started to assist me with my ordering dilemma.

The cs rep that helped me was kind and understanding and successfully assisted me in placing my order. I asked to speak with her supervisor and expressed to her what a great rep she was and how thankful I was. I told her that it was a shame that Verizon didn't have more cs reps like her.

So, to you bad cs reps at Verizon (read as "most") - Ha-ha! The joke is on you. In spite of your rudeness and lack of help, there are STILL Verizon employees that do care about the customers. What a shame that Verizon doesn't get rid of the others and the management who hired them and who allows them to treat us so shabbily!

Re: Online Offer
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Hi,  Very sorry you had a bad experience with us but I am glad it was resolved by another agent.