Outgoing Call, rings twice then dead air
My boyfriend has Verizon and I have sprint. Every morning I have to call him at 6/7 am to make sure he's up for work. Today I went to call him, it rang twice then nothing. At first I thought he was just too tired to talk so I tried again and it did it again. I tried a couple more times and once from my land line (Century Link) and it kept doing it. I then Facetimed his iPad, seeing if that would go through, then he called me after I texted him multiple times. He said he had no missed calls or anything. Would this be his phone messing up or mine?
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Aside from the pleasure of your loving voice to start his day, he can set an automatic daily reminder call by the Verizon system with his recorded message ("Get up you lazy bum!"). I have used this for appointment reminders for several years, and it almost never fails.

 I had this problem a couple years ago, with a fellow verizon user.  Despite (or because of) several fruitless hour long calls, the problem went away after a couple of months.

There are many ideomatic behaviours in the verizon system, because it is more complicated than Verizon can manage perfectly.  The call center techs rarely know the answer, and you / he can expect to spend a couple hours getting to an actual phone system technician (Level 2) who might know the cause or be willing to explore the issue with interest.