Outgoing call log

Is there a way to see a log of outgoing calls during a specific period from our landline? 

Re: Outgoing call log
Specialist - Level 1

if you have fios digital voice and fios tv , you can view the most recent 50 calls through the menu on tv.......if you have fios digital voice  , you should also have access to the fios digital voice account manager website at www.verizon.com/fiosvoice  where there is a log of incoming and outgoing  and missed calls .......and for previous months you could try the billing and payments section of "my verizon", then view previous  bills, then within the bill click to "show call details" (not sure if that is what that last section is called cuz my access to that section of  "my verizon" has been broken since mid-october...escalated 11/24/2015...still waiting)