Outgoing caller ID is not correct

I'm a new FIOS (triple play) customer with new phone number assigned to me (it has been about a month). But when we call our friends, they get caller ID different from my name. Where do I go to fix this? 


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First of all, good luck with this issue. I had the problem for 5 days and it took me escalating to Ivan Seidenberg (Verizon CEO) and customerservice@verizon.com and to put a little focus on the problem.  But it only took 5 days for someone to type my name at a keyboard and hit enter.  

Here are my suggestions:

)     Contact the Fiber Solution Center Direct Line directly at 800-314-7045 as this will bypass all prompts.  You will hear the music when you call and sometimes there is not any kind of announcement to tell you where you have called, but be patient.  Be prepared to spend time on-hold. I have had wait times as long as 38 minutes, but sometimes you get lucky and someone will answer the phone right away. 

)     Make sure you get a trouble ticket…don’t hang up without one.

)     Test the caller ID with only another Verizon Customer, preferable someone who is local to you.