Outgoing caller ID not correct

I recently got the triple play package and when I called people from my landline, they told me the caller ID on their end is showing someone else's name.  I called Verizon customer support yesterday but they just looked at my account information and said it was ok and nothing they could do, it should be fine.  I have seen similar issues all over this forum, but have not seen a good solution.  I'm not sure why it is so difficult to have them change your name to the correct one?

When I searched on various online web pages (CID DB, etc), I see the caller id information is the wrong name.  I also see that the carrier is Verizon Business.  

So, not sure what the best and quickest way to resolve this is?  Do I contact the business department and have them change it?  I don't even know a good number or e-mail to use.  I don't want to spend hours on the phone trying to weed through the automated system and then talk to people that are not able to help.  I have already done that yesterday.  

Please advise.


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