Parents Phones Not Working - Dad is ill!
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 Who should you call when there is a problem with the phones.  I have been on hold for a supervisor for the past 45 minutes.  My parents phone cannot receive calls, they called Verizon on the 22nd and were told someone would get here within 24 hours.  My dad is 81, very ill and is going into the hospital tomorrow.  Today I was told by a rude customer service person it should be within 24 hours from today, (she said since it was an emergency we wouldn't have to wait until Sept. 4th.)  Nina from Pittsburg also was very rude to my mother who is under alot of stress and just wants to have a working landline.

Is there an actual Supervisor who can get someone here and not make someone wait  for a service that is needed and is being paid for?

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We have not gotten a response fromyou in reference to your service issue. Please repost if you have any questions.