Pathetic Service

It is very difficult to get a service for your home phone (copper line). There is no e-mail or chat option. If you call you are faced with stupid auomated answering system. It puts you through endless prompts and exercises before you can talk to a real person. And after you set up an appointment, Verizon starts sending numerous e-mails and keeps calling to change your mind about the appointment. It looks like Verizon does not want to support the landline business anymore. If cannot support one business properly then you should not think about supporting other businesses. 

Re: Pathetic Service

As this article states

verizon thinks it’s future and huge profits will be in acquisition of media companies and wireless and has been selling off their copper lines to get out of that part of the business.

however NY is a state that zaps them when customers start to suffer. Via not servicing the older technology they can push the customers onto fiber or VoIP phone services.

strictly a business decision.