Phone Call Logs

Is there a way to retrieve call logs from previous months?

Re: Phone Call Logs

Not without a formal request for an itemized bill from Verizon Billing and sales office.

Verizon has two online call log products.

Verizon Call Assistant (all non fios digital voice phones)

Verizon Voice Account Manager (if you have full blown Fios Digital Voice)

The problem you are going to have is the following.

  • It only works and records calls from the moment it's activated moving forward.  If you activate today, it will capture calls today moving forward.
  • It's a rolling 99,   so 99 calls fill up and then it starts dropping logs.  it only remembers the last 99 calls you had. 

So to get past month bill call logs, you would have to have verizon send them to you in the form of am itemized bill, and I haven't had them do that in years, so I don't know how easy it is to get anymore, but when I called and asked for one, it was reasonably easy.  I had to go throuh two reps but I eventually got there.

If you have Wireless, and you are looking for wireless calls, then that is easy, and you probably will have those call logs going back a few months.  you would access those at  

You may have to register if you haven't done so, for all the sites mentioned