Phone Service Nightmare

I made the mistake of upgrading my tripple play bundle yesterday. Silly me, I thought Verizon would enjoy me paying them a few extra dollars a month while I enjoyed some faster internet uploads and downloads. Little did I know that they have changed the definition of tripple play to mean, TV, internet, and disconection of telephone service. That's right! What a great deal! Sign up for the tripple play and get 2 great services! Not to worry though, I contacted technical support...numerous times...still waiting... Apparently the phone company really isn't too sure how to provide phone service. Of course, based on my experiences of the last 2 days, it seems they really don't have much of an idea how to provide any kind of service, especially customer service.

As revolting as this sounds rolling around in my head, before I even say it, I may be returning to Comcast. As badly as they suck at many things, I never had an issue modifying my service with them. And I guess I can get used to the annual price increases again as long as I actually get the services I pay for.

Update: Chatted with Helena on Verizon's site. She did what nobody else did out of all the people I have spoken to since ordering the new bundle. She followed through and got the issue resolved. If you're reading this, Verizon, you need more people like Helena.