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I don’t who from Verizon views this, but this is my lengthy complaint that I will also mail and post on the appropriate sites.

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the years I’ve become a loyal customer to Verizon. I currently have a cellphone contract (Family Plan) with my wife through Verizon. My home phone and Internet service is through Verizon, although, it doesn’t work. Overall, I would say that I’m a dedicated customer that pays around $250 dollars a month just to Verizon for their services.

Recently, I decided that I would cancel my Internet and phone service. Why? Well, I discovered that I was paying way too much money for these services. I was offered a better service at a cheaper rate. I mistakenly jumped on that offer. When I called Verizon up they informed me that I could put my service on “Suspension” and come back if I was not satisfied with the service provided from that other Internet company. Oh, by the way, I could also receive a cheaper “bundling” offer if I came back. This would have gotten rid of the problem to begin with if it were offered sooner.

Well, I decided to come back to Verizon, which was a complete mistake on my part. A representative informed me that I would be online three days from this phone call. That third day came and went with no service. I called Verizon. Waited another day. No service. I had to explain that my phone was not working a dozen times over; over and over again I had to explain these difficulties.

I talked to many different people on my journey to disgust and frustration: Sales, Technical Support for phones, Technical Support for DSL, Billing Department, etc. I spent literally more than 5 HOURS on the phone. Here is a list of everything that went wrong on Verizon’s side, what people/technicians said to me:

  1. I was told that my account was suspended because of lack of payment – I PAID TWO DAYS BEFORE THE PHONE CALL.
  2. I was told that the Internet worked fine but it was the phone.
  3. I was told I needed to complete a “third party verification” (didn’t work).
  4. I was told a technician was being sent to my home and would arrive between 8-5 ON THE SAME DAY THAT I WAS CALLING WHEN THEY DIDN’T INFORM OF THIS!
  5. I was told I need to talk to sales and service to have a representative push the order through again (IT WAS “PUSHED” THROUGH 5 TIMES AND I'M STILL WAITING
  6. They also tried to create a new order, another failure.
  7. I was told it was a billing issue where Verizon put a false address to my account.
  8. I was told by a Supervisor that my account would definitely be online by 12 midnight. I had to call the next day because it didn’t work. I asked for another Supervisor, the same man came on the phone, and then lied he did not say my Internet would be online for the next day.

It disheartens me that the same company I shell a quarter of a thousand dollars out to every month, is the same company that has lied and done me wrong. Below is a list of people I talked to throughout this wonderful experience. I regretfully have to say that if my Internet/phone service does not work by Wednesday of this week I will purchase something elsewhere and discontinue not only my DSL and phone service, but also my cellphone when my contract is up (very soon). Obviously I’m not valued as a customer.




Mr. ******* ****


Home Phone: ***-***-**** (Don’t call it, it doesn’t work)

Cellphone: ***-***-**** (Working but soon to be part of the At&t family)


Here is a list of people I talked to at Verizon:


Ali {edited for privacy}

Jeremy – {edited for privacy}

Mr Jefferson (Obviously fake name)

Bruce {edited for privacy}


Christina – {edited for privacy}

Krista –{edited for privacy}

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