Phone calls to my sister's number in NJ aren't accepted from my phone #

I have Verizon landline service; my sister in NJ has Comcast.  When I try to call her home # I get the following recording, "Phone calls are not being accepted from this number."  My sister checked with Comcast, and they said the issue is on my (Verizon) end.  When I use my cell phone to call her number I get through right away.  What is the problem?

Re: Phone calls to my sister's number in NJ aren't accepted from my phone #
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The problem you are encountering can be rectified by simply pressing *82 before you dial out to call someone. The feature you have on your home phone is a valuable one which is that your name and your phone number will never appear on someone else's caller id because this feature automatically is activated for you to protect your personal info from popping up on someone's caller id. If you have fios tv and you were to call your own home from your cell phone while you have your tv on then you will see on the left hand side of the tv what it is that someone would see without you deactivating the feature where if you want to test out what someone is going to see when you press *82 before you dial out a number to test it out by calling your home from your cell phone too. That caller id feature on tv is something that needs to be activated by pressing menu on the remote then go down to the settings area go right then go down to caller id where it will ask you to check availability by pressing ok then it will be activated. You can also scroll down to alert duration and make the name and number stay up to 15 seconds which is a benefit to those who have a tv on but are not right in front of it but do not want to pick up the phone so you can check out who it is by looking at the tv. It is not only homes that will want you to temporarily deactivate the feature. There are restaurants or pizzerias who may ask you to deactivate it because there are people who place bogus orders just to mess with places that make food or if they want to prank their neighbors. If you press *82 you do not have to worry about it being permanently disabled as it will go back to being enabled by default and will continue to protect your personal info from appearing on people's caller ids so you will not end up having to deal with harrassing phone calls. Now i also want to mention that when you call a 1 800 number all of your personal info will appear regardless of whether you have the feature activated or not so it is possible that you may get some telemarketing calls. There is however the do not call registry that you can go online to sign up for to try to get 1 800 number telemarketers to not harrass you and if you are already on the list where they still continue to call then contact the ftc (federal trade commission) to file a complaint with them. Write down the the numbers of those people so you can give it to the ftc so they can pursue legal action against the harrassing parties. The last thing you should know of is the microsoft scam. It is a group of people from india who microsoft once used as a support group who are pretending to be microsoft but they are not microsoft. They contact people who are fios customers demanding access to their computers because according to them the computers are infected with a lot of viruses where they want to get rid of them for you. Do not allow them access because if you do they will not only steal your info but also your money among other things but they could also pretend to be you while they go around infecting other people's computers or try to hack into banks where you would be the one who people would go after and try to either sue or incarcerate because of a crime that was committed. Google "microsoft scam" to see how big a issue this is where fios customers are being targeted by those cyber criminals who are not really microsoft employees but a bunch of con artists who are robbing people all over the country.