Phone keeps ringing on the caller's end - Is This a Call Waiting and Flash Button Problem?

I had FIos phone service installed 2 weeks ago.  I am having a sporadic but regularly occurring issue with incoming calls that I think might be related to the Call Waiting and flash button so I am looking for some input.  Before describing the issue here are a couple of things to know:

- I have my Verizon voice mail service turned off on my account.

- I have the call waiting function set to off.

- On my phone handset the Talk and Flash operation is the same button.

Now here is my issue.  Often but not 100% of the time people are telling me that the phone just rings and rings on their end.  After receiving many complaints since my Fios install that the phone rings and my phone answering machine does not pick up the call I have been calling my home phone number with my cell phone and I have determined the following:

1.  My home answering machine will pick up the call, however on my cell phone which is the calling end the  phone is still just ringing.

2.  Sometimes I will press the talk button but there will be dead air but on my cell phone which is the calling end it will still be ringing..  But if I press the Talk/Flash button a couple of times the call completes.

Since my Talk and Flash button are the same I started to wonder if that is a factor so I repeated scenarios above and found that after pressing the Talk button a couple of times then the call is answered and the phone stops ringing on the caller's end.

I know that with Call Waiting the caller's end will just keep ringing unless the called end switches over with the Flash button.  So my question is even though I have the Call Waiting function turned off could the combination Talk/Flash button be the reason why the call just rings on the caller's end even though I have Call Waiting turned off?  And f this is the cause then why is it happening and does it mean that I have to buy a new phone that has separate Talk and Flash buttons?

I hope the above description of my problem makes sense and can be answered.  Thank you

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Without buying a new phone you can test this. Unplug the phone that has the combination button. If its a cordless phone base station with multiple handsets, make sure you unplug those as well. Then use a regular phone plugged in to do test calls (if you dont have one you could maybe borrow one for a couple minutes from a friend, family, or neighbor).