Phone line dead when ADT device removed

There is an old ADT V.3 device in house which is no more under use, but when ever I tried to remove it my phone go dead. There is a data cable which is linked to this ADT device, I could not find the loop, there is no life in the device. What should I do?

Thank you

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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.

Alarms should be connected to a special phone jack.  This jack is wired such that when the alarm goes off-hook to dial into the monitoring center, it disconnects the rest of the house.  The jack is supposed to be setup so that when the alarm is unplugged from it the house phones remain connected.

Have you found a jack where the alarm is plugged in?  If so, have you tried unplugging the alarm?

Let me know if you have an alarm jack and if so, what unplugging the alarm does.  Any more details  you can provide will help, too.

The good news is telephone wiring isn't too hard to work on.  However, if you feel overwhelmed, a handyman, home theater or electrician can figure this out.

Good Luck.