Phone rings after checking voicemail

I have a strange issue with my home phone. We have Fios with Freedome Essentials plan. After checking my voicemail, my phone rings. It rings once then stops, and rings again after a minute or so for up to 10 minutes. This happens whether I check my voicemail from my home phone or remotely.

Old analog phone.

We've called support about a year ago but they have no idea how to make the ring back stop.

Any ideas?

Re: Phone rings after checking voicemail
Community Leader
Community Leader

I had this once on an older phone that didn't understand VM waiting indicator signaling.  A newer phone would "fix" the problem most likely.  You can try talking the Verizon about it, but I'm not sure how their VoIP solution works, so I don't know how to tell them to adjust your settings.  

The key phrases you're looking for them to tweak are "Voice Mail Waiting Indicator" or "Ring Back Splash Length"  (you can search for those on the Internet as well).   Basically, you want them to turn it off -- you'll still get the studder tone when you pick up the receiver, but phones that have a "voice mail" indicator will likely cease to be able to sense presence or absence of voice mail (for example, my phone turns on a little blinking light when there is a voice mail waiting and turns if off when the mailbox doesn't have any new messages).