Phones disconnect when ONT coax goes direct to router?
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We no longer needed the splitter that was installed with our FIOS because we don't have FIOS TV anymore. In order ot use the existing cable lines for a rooftop antenna, I figured I could run the coax from the ONT to the splitter direct to the router, instead, leaving the input on the splitter open for the antenna.

After I did this, however, our phones completely dropped out. Any reason why the ONT can't connect direct to the router without mucking up the phones?

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Community Leader

Coax is not used for phone service with FiOS.   Phone service is provided over the phone wires connected to the phone connectors on the ONT.

If you were working with the coax connector on the ONT, chances are good you may have loosened the phone line.  Go back and make sure all is tight.  Plug a phone into the test jack to verify the ONT is still providing phone service.

Good Luck.