Please fix my phone
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I have Verizon FIOS with two phone jacks.  One line works fine.  The second line does not give me a dial tone.  After a few seconds I hear a busy signal.  The phone on that line no longer rings.  It worked just two days ago.  I went to my account and FIOS ran an automated test telling me everything was fine.  So much for the automated test.

I used live chat and a friendly fellow in India told me it was the jack.  Nah, it's not the jack.  If it was the jack the line would be dead, not give me a busy signal.  And, since the other jack works I can see they are on different ports.  The person I spoke to said if he sent someone to look at it I would be covered since I pay for inside line maintenance.  But, no help would be coming because of the work stoppage.  I asked him to call me when someone becomes available.  He said he couldn't do that either.

I went into the closet, unplugged the battery, and powered the system off for a few seconds.  This did not fix the problem.

Can someone fix my phone line?

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My phone is not working for 3 or 4 daysalready and it shows "searching" on the screen.  Must be something from outside because we disconnected from the jackand putthat me {edited for privacy}

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We can get this corrected for you. Please send me a private message if this has not been addressed yet.