Please increase the Do Not Disturb break-through list count from 10.
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Now that the incoming block list has been increased from 10 to 100 numbers, can we please increase the number of break-through numbers for Do Not Disturb? 10 is woefully inadequate when you want to make sure family members can reach you in an emergency.

An example of a two adult household.

Adult 1's cell

Adult 2's cell

Alarm company

Parents of each adult (2 house, 4 cell)

Grandparents of each adult (2 house, 4 cell)

Siblings and/or in-laws

You're already over the limit before accounting for any children.

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Yes, please increase the number of allowed callers. Ten is not enough. I've found that using Do Not Disturb is MUCH more effective than blocking unwanted calls because robocaller numbers change all the time, and I no longer have to listen to and delete unwanted messages from people trying to sell me property in Florida or fraudulently claim I owe taxes. However, I'd like to allow more than 10 numbers to get through. I'd also like there to be a way to ID each allowed number so that a name or identifier can be listed next to the number. That way temporary allowed numbers could be easily deleted at a later time. 

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Yes absolutely needed and while they are at it how about a simple CRITICAL feature being included in the do not disturb feature...send all calls to VOICEMAIL EXCEPT for the important family exceptions which should be increased to at least 20!!  Please Verizon start reading these posts!!  Listen to your customers that are paying your salaries!!!  Most people do not want the message that they are not accepting any calls. We just want to filter out the spam callers...send them to voicemail and 99% will just hang up without leaving a message.