Poor, Poor, Poor Customer Service

December 18, 2012

Lowell C. McAdam
{edited for privacy}

Annual Account Value: Approximately $6,000.00 annually

Dear Mr. McAdam:

I am a Verizon FIOS customer with a bundle (landline, wireless, cable, Internet) who has been with your organization for almost 10 years who is writing to let you know of my extreme dissatisfaction with your Verizon customer service (or lack of it), which seems to have deteriorated beyond repair. I will try to keep this brief and to the point, but I have had unresolved phone issues for almost a year now that no one in your organization can fix.

1)    The first landline number I received from you all was the end recipient on a “robo-call” list where I would receive hundreds of phone calls a day, even though I immediately signed up for the “Do Not Call” list upon receipt of the number. It was obviously a bad number that needed to be removed from your system. After a very long time (months or even a year), I switched numbers after much time unsuccessfully spent researching and trying to fix this problem.

2)    On the second landline number that we implemented, which we had for almost a year, someone had hijacked our home phone line (perhaps a hacker, no one knows) and was using it to dial callers in our local Tampa area market. Needless to say, we received many threatening and obscene phone calls in return (when they hit re-dial), which we have documented. We have spent countless hours each week with various customer service representatives (and various other individuals when the call was escalated) providing them with the Caller ID information and the Caller ID name trying to resolve the issue.  Over time, I probably spoke with 10 or so different individuals on this issue, none of whom seemed to know how to fix the problem.

There was one representative who said a network engineer would put a “digital bug” in our FIOS box to find out who was performing this fraudulent activity so that we could correct the issue. When nothing happened, no communications, nothing, I called back and yet another customer service rep assured he was escalating this issue to the “War Room” and they would fix the issue so I did not have to change my number again. He promised the issue would be resolved in no more than 5 days, or at the very least, some form of communication would occur. This was weeks ago and I never heard from him or anyone else in your organization with any form of follow-up.

3)    After months and months of trying to resolve this issue, finally, in defeat, I requested a phone number change after learning it is virtually impossible and cost-prohibitive to “unbundle” the services (which I am pretty sure is illegal). Both this number and my old number have a “disconnected” message on them when dialed now.

4)    Now I am with Verizon’s “Order Escalation” team to execute a simple phone number change. I requested the phone number to be changed on Friday of last week and it is Tuesday and the number still DOES NOT work. I am currently with your “Order Escalation Team” to fix what should have been a 24-hour-turnaround.

5)    After all this, one might expect a fair discount to their account, but I have never been given one or offered one, even when I ask.

We spend more than $6,000.00 with you annually. This may not amount to a lot to you in the scheme of things, but I would hope you will care enough to rectify these issues so that we do not have to change carriers, or worse, look into possible legal options. I am sure you probably do not care and you say to yourself, “So what? This is only one customer,” but if you go online, you will see what legions of customers are saying. You might be the “big dog” now, but when you falter, and all companies with this low degree of customer service do, just remember that giants fall hardest of all.

Re: Poor, Poor, Poor Customer Service
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

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Re: Poor, Poor, Poor Customer Service
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Fellow subscriber,

As I understand your post... you have issues with 2 different phone numbers.

1. Line 1, You got lots of calls that weren't for you.


2. Line 2, A robo-dialer is faking your number on caller-id when it dials out.

While I understand your frustration with this situation, I also understand why you weren't getting the help you wanted from Verizon. Having been in the phone industry since I was young and skinny (Mid 80's); I can confidently inform you that other than offering a new number, neither Verizon nor any other phone company can fix these issues, both caused entirely by a 3rd party.

You cited poor customer service... what did you expect from your phone company to do about the 3rd parties abusing your phone number?