Porting FIOS phone number

We are leaving Verizon, as they do not have service where we are moving to.

Has anyone had any luck porting the existing FIOS number to Ooma? And if so, when is the best time to start the process?

Our FIOS service is schedule to end on May 4th.

Re: Porting FIOS phone number
Community Leader
Community Leader

I've ported POTs numbers to OOMA.  It took a long time as there was a port "freeze" on the line that took several weeks for Verizon to remove. 

You should start the process right now.  If there are any issues you'll need time to fix them.  Do not cancel your Verizon service or place a cancellation order in advance until the port is complete.  Any active or pending orders will prevent it from working.  If your Verizon line gets canceled before the port happens, you will not be able to get your number back.

If you sense any "foot dragging" by either party, file an FCC complaint right away.  OOMA has links to the complaint form on their web site.  The complaint requires both parties to respond to it.  It can take weeks to process.

You have enough time now if there are no issues.  If there are issues, you may not have enough time to resolve them.   File the port request today and DO NOT CALL VERIZON.

Good Luck.