Porting Phone Numbers Over From Vonage To Verizon


Please make sure you know EXACTLY what will happen when Verizon ports numbers from another service. I was advised to create a separate account in order to smoothly port over my numbers to Verizon Digital Voice. The process was smooth but the combining of accounts in order to receive a bundled discount is WAY MORE CHALLENGING than it should be. It looks like I'll be paying FULL PRICE for a service that I was told would be bundled within 48hrs and now will be 1-2 billing cycles!

I would like to hear from others with similar problems and what was done about it....

Re: Porting Phone Numbers Over From Vonage To Verizon
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I'm facing the same problem.

I have a Fios account with internet only.

Trying to port phone number and sign up for Triple Play.

The problem seems to be that the Fios account already references a phone number so you can't port a new phone number into it.

I've been told two options:

1.  Sign up for a new account with the Double Play(TV + Phone) and then try to combine the accounts or.

2.  Disconnect my Fios Internet and then sign up for the triple play.

It seems to be about their accounting system.   They can't port a number because it messes up their database but they don't have any problem telling us to change our numbers and messing up every other database out there that uses our phone number as a key field.