Porting number problem

I needed to change my account from my wife's name to my name after she passed away (we had different last names).  We've been Verizon customers for as long as I can remember, including FIOS for phone, TV and Internet and for wireless.  We've had this land line number for 20 years.  When I called to make the switch, I was told specifically that I could keep my number, that there might we a day or two when incoming calls need to go to a temporary number, but the customer service person offered to automatically forward incoming calls to the new temporary number. 

I remained a satisfied Verizon customer until I learned yesterday, about 2 weeks after the switch, that indeed my old number is now disconnected.  That's the message callers get with no further explanation.  Not even a courtesy message of what the new number is.

I just finished a frustrating call with customer service when I was told that the old number can't be ported over to me, something about because it is digital.  This doesn't make any sense because (1) it was digital before, (2) being digital should mean it is more portable not less, and (3) I asked specifically and was told without any reservation that I would be keeping my new number.  I'm unhappy that understandably concerned relatives had to be the ones to tell be there was a problem.

They did say they put on a message for incoming calls.  I haven't tested it yet.

The primary correction I want is my old number back.

Secondarily, I would like Verizon to better train their customer service reps about what Verizon is willing to do, and to come up with a better justification for not wanting to port numbers if they won't port the numbers.

Switching service is not an attractive option, because I'd have to fight the fees of canceling the new 2 year service contract I just signed up for.  I suppose the error (fraud?) perpetrated 2 weeks ago by first customer service person might help my case.

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