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Trying to deal with Verizon is maddening!!!

First I have to call tech support because of an issue on Verizon's end - which was not resolved but "hopefully" by Tuesday someone will be able to look into the matter - needless to say I pay almost $200.00 per month for this setller service.

But after I spend 45 minutes on my phone while they try to figure it out to no avail. Within 1 minute I recieve an automated call on my phone asking for me to take a survey about my experience.

HOWEVER - to do this I need to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish......when I press 1 for English, the recording starts again, press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish and so simply circled again and again, so of course I was not able to take that customer service survey.

Then for me to even come on the forum to post about the problem with the automated recording - again my username doesn't work, this is the third time this has happened. No it isn't my browser or operator error, it is Verizon website which they haven't fixed yet.

And, they still haven't fixed the issue when you call for support, they ask you for your account number - when you don't have internet service, and you have paperless billing - you - do - not - have - access to your account number. 

I do not understand why Verizon has a limit on the number of calls you are allowed to block, because my phone has become useless, even though I pay for this service, I plugged it in recently again, and the spam phone calls continue.

And Verizon robo calls are unwanted as well.  How do I block Verizon robo calls?

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I had to call Verizon about a problem and got the IVR. It's horrible. Even the TV's noise and the dog barking would mess it up and I have to start over.