Private call blocking ???

I am being harassed by my EX.'S BF and all that shows up on caller ID is PRIVATE CALLER . How can I have "private callers" blocked or rejected . I already have Anonymous call block, But really need the other blocked as well ...  Any help would be great Thank you

Re: Private call blocking ???
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I am sorry to hear about the harassment you are experiencing. If you already have the anonymous call rejection. Since you know who is calling you, do a call block on his specific number. If you have call block on regular Verizon telephone service, the directions and additional information are found HERE

If you have FIOS Digital Voice telephone, you can go to the FIOS digital Voice Account Manager at , login with your Verizon credentials, and activate the call block in there. A full guide to using the features on that website is found HERE

Should you want to take a more serious stance at getting this to stop, you can contact our Unlawful Call Center. Details regarding how to contact center and cases they handle can be found HERE

Re: Private call blocking ???
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@RickM71 wrote:

I am being harassed by my EX.'S BF ...

Do you have a police department where you live?  I sure as sugar know what I'd do.