Problem Resolved - Terrible customer service experience - please help!!!!! Two stories w/ phone
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As some of you may have read, I was having just a terrible time with my home phone landline which started prior to the recent snow storm  that took down a million phone  and power lines.  My problem has now been successfully resolved and I'd like to thank two member of the Verizon Community team for following through and escalating my problem to the point where it needed to be to get fixed.

Anthony_VZ and Peter_VZ both did exactly what they said were going to do, promptly and correctly and followed up with me afterwards to ensure my satisfaction.  They both poked and prodded the Verizon system to get me appointments, repairs and credits issued for lost time.  I truly appreciate their efforts on my behalf.

I'll be honest.  I had a horrible experience with the initial customer service that i reached over the phone and with the support technicians over the phone.  I literally got nowhere with customer service when I called, I spent hours trying to get help, got hung up on,  treated terrible and disrespectfully as a customer in good standing.  I was this close to just scrapping the entire service even though we love the DVR and we love the internet service.  But being treated so badly when asking for help in fixing a problem that was created by Verizon really pushed my buttons.   I was this close to saying, "Come take your $1,000 box and get it out of my house."  And I clearly would have gone down that path if I hadn't stumbled upon this Verizon Community message board and had Anthony and Peter both step up and make getting my phone service fixed a priority.  

Good job guys.  Thanks so much.  You completely changed my perception of Verizon Customer Service.  And if I ever need help again, I'm not calling the phone number, I'm coming right back here.

Re: Problem Resolved - Terrible customer service experience - please help!!!!! Two stories w/ phone

Kudos to both Anthony_VZ and Peter_VZ. I love this place. I have been a member of the community since very shortly after it began. There have been a few times when I have been at the end of my rope, and the caring people here always come through. If not help from other users, which is what the peer to peer community is intended for, the Verizon employees here always seem to go the extra mile. They at times may not see every post, but some of us users have a way to point them out if needed. It looks as if Verizon has been putting much more attention to users here, than when the community first started. Upper management had to be shown it was worth the effort. Over the last few years, the community has grown into something Verizon can be proud of. I am happy that I and others are a part of it.

Thank you for your nice post, as a user, it is refreshing to see a positive comment.


I have used the online chat service from time to time. There is a shorter wait.